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Step into a world of fun and learning with our new Free Printables section here at Coloring Only. Made for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary kids, these free printable worksheets are more than just fun activities—they’re cool ways to learn and grow! 

Free Printable Worksheets – Based on Science, Designed by Experts

Crafted by expert designers, Ehtesham Hassan and Khizra A., each printable is a masterpiece of creativity and educational value. Our worksheets are inspired by the findings of a comprehensive study examining the relationship between worksheet usage and academic achievement across 32 countries. This study, published in a renowned educational journal, reveals the profound impact well-designed worksheets can have on children’s learning, especially in science achievement. 

In another study, teachers viewed printable worksheets as essential for assessing children’s performance and as recap tools. They also provide individual activity opportunities for children in large classrooms and help parents understand their children’s progress. By integrating these insights, our worksheets are not just fun but also incredibly effective educational tools.

Loving @ColoringOnly for homeschooling! Their printables make learning fun and easy.”Merav Tuson Vardy, mother of two

“I love using Coloring Only’s FREE coloring pages to keep my students motivated both academically AND behaviorally!” – Kayla Osbron, Math Teacher

Our worksheets merge play with education, fostering your child’s love for learning. Each worksheet is crafted to enhance cognitive skills, improve fine motor abilities, and boost creativity. 

As highlighted in the study, worksheets play a vital role in gauging a child’s progress. Our free printable worksheets offer parents and educators a window into the evolving skills and understanding of their children, making learning a shared journey.

Our collection of free printable worksheets includes both preschool and kindergarten math worksheets, science worksheets, printable alphabet letters, phonics, geography worksheets, and many more, all designed to captivate children’s attention while subtly instilling valuable lessons.

At Coloring Only, we believe every child deserves the joy of learning through play. Our downloadable printables are more than just educational tools—they’re stepping stones to a world of imagination, creativity, and knowledge. Let’s make learning an adventure!


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  • Happy Easter Happy Easter
    Celebrate the joy of Easter with our "HAPPY EASTER Coloring Activity." This free printable provides a cheerful bunny
  • I Like Color Red I Like Color Red
    "I like color RED!" invites young learners to identify and color objects that are traditionally red, offering an
  • Count the Numbers Count the Numbers
    Dive into a numerical adventure with "Count the numbers!", a connect-the-dots activity that combines counting practice with artistic
  • Read and Color Read and Color
    Introduce your preschooler to the world of colors with our "Colours" worksheet. This free printable is designed to
  • Roll A Snowman Roll A Snowman
    Winter fun is just a dice roll away with our "Roll a Snowman" worksheet. This interactive free printable
  • Find Your Inner Piece Find Your Inner Piece
    This unique activity combines mindful coloring with the excitement of creating and solving a puzzle. It's an excellent
  • Kite Coloring Kite Coloring
    This free printable invites preschoolers to design their very own kite, with endless possibilities for color combinations and
  • Butterfly Coloring Butterfly Coloring
    Each stroke of color adds to the magic of these free printables, transforming a simple sketch into a
  • Color a Penguin Color a Penguin
    Introduce your little ones to the joys of winter with this charming "Color a Penguin" worksheet. Perfectly crafted
  • Painting a Color Wheel Painting a Color Wheel
    This free printable introduces children to the concept of color relationships by having them paint a color wheel.
  • Do-a-Dot Do-a-Dot
    "Do-a-Dot" is a playful and educational worksheet designed to help kids practice counting. It encourages them to identify
  • Math Color-by-Number Math Color-by-Number
    Combine math practice with creative coloring in "MATH COLOR-BY-NUMBER." This worksheet challenges children to solve simple math problems
  • Color Mixing Color Mixing
    "Color Mixing" is an innovative worksheet that teaches children the basics of color theory through a hands-on activity.
  • Shark Color by Number Shark Color by Number
    Plunge into an undersea coloring experience with "Color by Number," where a friendly shark awaits your child's artistic
  • Good Behavior Good Behavior
    This printable is a delightful and interactive way to teach young learners about good manners and the social
  • Rhyming Words Rhyming Words
    Boost phonics skills with this rhyming worksheet that's as entertaining as it is educational. Children will delight in
  • Adjectives Adjectives
    Expand your child's descriptive vocabulary with our engaging adjectives worksheet. By finding the perfect words to describe a
  • Punctuation Punctuation
    Introduce the essentials of punctuation to young learners with this practical and interactive worksheet. Each sentence is a
  • All About Me All About Me
    Encourage self-expression and writing skills with this creative worksheet. Kids get to talk about their favorite things and
  • Trace the Names of the days of the Week Trace the Names of the days of the Week
    Help your child get familiar with the days of the week with our easy-to-follow tracing worksheet. It’s the
  • What’s the Noun What’s the Noun
    Take your child on an exciting educational adventure with this vibrant worksheet designed to teach the concept of
  • Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
    Discover the value of friendship and the joy of reading with our engaging worksheet. With a touching story
  • Fill in the Blanks Fill in the Blanks
    Keep young minds engaged with this fill-in-the-blank worksheet that challenges them to pick the correct verbs for each
  • Main Idea Main Idea
    Teach the concept of main ideas and supporting details with this illustrative worksheet. It’s a delicious way to
  • Make an Inference Make an Inference
    Help children read beyond the text with our inference worksheet. By using clues to figure out what's not
  • CVC Matching Puzzle CVC Matching Puzzle
    This cut-and-match worksheet is perfect for practicing CVC words. By pairing illustrations with corresponding words, kids can learn
  • Opinion Writing Opinion Writing
    Encourage opinion sharing with this simple yet effective worksheet. Whether they're team dog or team cat, kids can
  • Proper Nouns Proper Nouns
    Spark interest in grammar with our proper nouns worksheet. Kids get to turn everyday words into names and
  • Easter Vocabulary Easter Vocabulary
    Brighten up learning with this Easter-themed vocabulary worksheet. Full of festive images, it's designed to teach and reinforce
  • Star Number Tracing Star Number Tracing
    Dive into numbers with our Starfish Number Tracing worksheet! Children can trace numbers 1 through 10 and color
  • Animal Phonics Animal Phonics
    Roar into reading with our Animal Phonics worksheet! This engaging printable invites children to match the beginning sounds
  • Trace the Letters Trace the Letters
    Embark on a journey through the alphabet with our Trace the Letters worksheet. Designed to guide children through
  • Color By Letter Color By Letter
    Blend creativity with learning using our Color by Letter worksheet. This delightful activity allows children to apply color
  • Letter L Tracing Letter L Tracing
    Let the letter 'L' lead the way to literacy with our alphabet worksheets preschool. The Letter L Tracing
  • Letter K Tracing Letter K Tracing
    Kick-start the journey to literacy with our Letter K Tracing Worksheet. It combines playful kangaroo images with the
  • Letter I Tracing Worksheet Letter I Tracing Worksheet
    Introduce the intriguing world of letters with our Letter I Tracing Worksheet. This preschool phonics worksheet is a
  • Letter H Tracing Letter H Tracing
    Gallop towards excellence in writing with our free printable phonics worksheets. The Letter H Tracing Worksheet provides young
  • Letter G Tracing Letter G Tracing
    Engage your preschooler with our alphabet preschool worksheet, focusing on the letter 'G'. This free printable offers a
  • Letter F Tracing Letter F Tracing
    Get hooked on handwriting with our alphabet worksheets for preschool! The Letter F Tracing Worksheet invites your little
  • Letter E Tracing Worksheet Letter E Tracing Worksheet
    Dive into the exciting world of letters with our free preschool printables! Our Letter E Tracing Worksheet is
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