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How to Draw Blippi: Easy Drawing Tutorial

Blippi is a popular character loved by children around the world. With his bright orange hat, blue pants, and cheerful smile, he brings joy and learning to kids everywhere. If you want to learn how to draw Blippi, follow these simple steps and create your own colorful masterpiece.

💡 It’s Trivia Time

Before we proceed any further, here’s our trivia fact about Blippi:

Blippi is portrayed by: Stevin John is an American entertainer and educator for children.
Blippi gained popularity: through educational videos on YouTube.
Blippi’s signature colors: are orange and blue, which make him easily recognizable.
Blippi’s character: is inspired by the creator’s desire to teach and entertain children.


🎨 Materials Needed

Before we begin, make sure you have the following materials within reach:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring materials (such as crayons or colored pencils)

Step 1: Hat

Start by drawing Blippi’s hat at the top of your paper. It looks like a cap with a wide brim.

Step 2: Eyebrows, Eyeglasses and Eyes

Above the eyeglasses, draw Blippi’s eyebrows. Below the hat, draw Blippi’s eyeglasses. They have round frames. Add two small circles inside the frames to represent his eyes.

Step 3: Nose, and Big Mouth

They are curved and give him a friendly expression. Draw a small, oval-shaped nose below the eyes. Then, draw a big, wide smile to complete his mouth.

Step 4: Neck and Bow Tie

Draw a straight line below Blippi’s head to represent his neck. Then, add a bow tie at the bottom of the neck. It should have two loops and two ends hanging down.

Step 5: Left Hand

Draw Blippi’s left hand by extending two curved lines from his body. The hand should be waving. Add his long sleeve, which is folded on his arm.

Step 6: Right Hand

Next, draw Blippi’s right hand on the other side. It should also be waving. Again, add the folded clothes on his arm.

Step 7: Clothes Details

Add some details to Blippi’s clothes. Draw his favorite orange suspender going from his left shoulder to his right hip.

Step 8: Pants

Draw Blippi’s pants below his shirt. They should be loose-fitting and go down to his ankles.

Step 9: Shoes

On the bottom of Blippi’s legs, draw his shoes. They are simple and have a round shape.

Step 10: Coloring

Now it’s time to color Blippi! Use his famous orange and blue colors to bring him to life. Color his hat, shirt, pants, and shoes accordingly.

Congratulations on completing your drawing of Blippi, the delightful character who combines education and entertainment. Take pleasure in your artwork and remember to enjoy the process of drawing!

Drawing Blippi is an enjoyable and imaginative activity. With easy steps and basic materials, you can create your very own Blippi artwork. Simply pick up a pencil and bring this beloved character to existence on paper!

Watch this YouTube video How to Draw Blippi for additional guidance on drawing Blippi. You may also download the Blippi coloring page from our website so you can directly color it together with us! Download the printable coloring page here: Blippi Coloring Page

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